It’s Time To Be Happy!

A Fun Space for Techies to Network & Showcase Talents

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What Is Happy Hours?

Happy Hours is a friendly & informal after-office space for techies to come, meet, share experiences, brush up on talents, and shout to the world that there is more to life than coding!

Showcase Your Talents!
Network With Techies!
Have Fun All The Way!

Why Happy Hours

Happiness is too dear for techies. Great workplace culture, fab work-life balance, big bucks, etc. are some of the perks and quirks that make them happy.  Now, what about a getaway for them after their hectic office hours? This is the space that ‘Happy Hours’ is intending to provide!

The main goal of Happy Hours is reliving a fun after-work tradition to refresh and rediscover the overlooked and hidden natural talents, creative aspirations, and cultural interests in techies. Welcome to all those who are ready to do justice to their talents and aspirations!

Are you ready to showcase your talents to a vibrant tech audience? Come & Rock

the benefit


Embrace a new work-life balance like never before!


Meet, network, and share new experiences with other techies!


Showcase your hidden, vibrant talents to the world!


Free promotion of your performance on all online mediums!


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whats new on HAPPY HOURS ?

Curious to know what’s coming to Happy Hours? We’re here to save you from those worries! Tune into our Instagram/Youtube handle to catch up with all the scoops and performances that will happen at our every edition, so you don’t miss any of it!


whats new on HAPPY HOURS ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Happy Hours community will always be there to assist you. Here are some common queries that can get you started!

You can find the Happy Hours community (a.k.a the Bridgys) HQ’d at Bridge Global - a software development company. We have our own space for the same called B-Valley. You can find them both on Google Maps.

We haven't given up on the idea yet. Currently, we are researching its feasibility aspect to offer more convenience to folks who love and would like to be part of Happy Hours.

As of now, we don’t have any sponsors, yet. Although, you could expect potential sponsorship in the future when Happy Hours achieves a different and bigger entertainment scale.